All of our piercings and tattoos are done in a sterile, clean and comfortable environment.  We make sure that all of your questions are answered before hand and that you'll love your new addition!  All tattoos have one free touch up afterwards for 6 months!  



Terrina is one of the only artists, and being female, that does this service for women whom have gone through breast cancer, or have had a mastectomy.  She can create the look of a 3-D nipple, or, create a custom design that you love.  We strive to make this an amazing comfortable experience for you.


We can cover any tattoo you hate and make it into a piece of art you'll love! 


We do a range of piercings!  Just stop in or contact Savannah @


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Piercing Prices

(Each price includes jewelry)

Ear Piercings

  • Ear lobe(s): $40
  • Helix/Cartilage: $40
  • Daith: $50
  • Rook: $60
  • Industrial: $70
  • Tragus: $40
  • Anti-tragus: $50
  • Conch: $50
  • Snug: $60

Lip Piercings

  • Madonna/Medusa: $50 
  • Vertical Labret/Jestrum: $60
  • Snake Bites/Angel Bites: $80
  • Dolphin Bites: $80
  • Spider Bites: $80
  • Cyber Bites: $80
  • Shark Bites: $120
  • Canine Bites: $120

Nose Piercings

  • Nostril: $50
  • Septum: $60
  • Bridge: $70


  • Eyebrow: $50
  • Tongue: $80
  • Bellybutton: $60
  • Nipples: $80

* We do not do the following piercings:

Snake Eyes, Cheek piercing, Dahlia piercings, webbing piercings, Anchors, Dermals and Genital piercings

We also wont pierce anyones' earlobes under 5 years of age